Train the first month for DKK 0,- *

Save DKK 338,-

by creating a PBS subscription at the same time.

This offer is only available if you haven't had a prior membership within the last 12 months.

* Additional setup fee of DKK 200,- applies for membership
Membership binding period for 2 months, then membership termination is current month + 30 days.


Prices at Joe's Boxing Gym per October 1st, 2018

Prices at Joe's Boxing Gym

  • Monthly subscription (PBS): DKK 330,- *
  • 10 session tickets, unlimited period: DKK 825,-
  • Cash 1 month: DKK 440,-
  • Cash 3 months: DKK 1.200,-
  • Cash 6 months: DKK 2.000,-
  • Cash 12 months: DKK 3.600,


Setup fee DKK 200,- for all memberships

* Requires Danish CPR number and a Danish bank account.

Other prices

  • New membership card: DKK 25,-
  • Payment fee to Nets using PBS / Betalingsservice: DKK 8,-


It is possible to buy handwraps and boxing gloves in various sizes and colors at Joe's. Please consult the instructor or the personnel at the reception for advice.

Handwraps: from DKK 69,-

Boxing gloves: from DKK 239,-