Trial session

You are always welcome to come and try a free trial-session at Joe's Boxing Gym. Our staff or instructers are always helpful with the things you need to be aware of the first time and any questions you may have.

Practical info about trial-sessions

  • Come about 25-30 minutes before in order to get help with handwraps and any questions you may have.
  • You can borrow handwraps and boxing gloves (or you can buy your own).
  • Please bring a a towel (you may get a little sweaty).
  • Please bring clothes for exercise and perhaps an extra T-shirt.
  • Bring proper indoor footwear.
  • Bring a bottle of water, alternatively you can always buy a cold one for kr. 12,-.

It may seem a bit hectic and stressful the first time. Your pulse gets high, the music is on and there are new people and exercies you haven't tried before.
We will guide you the best we can and you you'll soon feel more comfortable and acquainted with the exercises.

Buying equipment
Should you be tempted by the Joe's training and good vibes, you can buy your own handwraps and gloves at the club. Talk to the staff after training.

Hand wraps: from DKK 59,-
Boxing gloves: from DKK 239,-.